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Lifestyle Investment

Investments into Costa Rica's premier tourism assets, offering investors the opportunity for secured returns, annual vacations and Costa Rican Residency


Costa Rica has one of the strongest tourism brands & economies in the Americas. However, its access to capital for development within the industry is limited and expensive.  This makes it difficult and slow to develop or improve existing infrastructure such as hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals when needed.

Millions of Tourists visit Costa Rica yearly, and many look to invest in this amazing, stable, and sustainable country.  Their primary options today are to buy Real Estate or Land.

What if there was a better way?

Costa Rica's First Tourism Bond

Costa Rica's Tourism Bonds were developed for 2 primary reasons:


  • The need for tourism to have access to the capital markets.

  • The opportunity for investors to gain exposure to the Costa Rica Tourism sector. 

Investors enjoy returns, annual vacations, investor perks, and the ability to apply for Costa Rica Residency.

Each bond is unique in its structure: returns & benefits to investors, but the one constant is that it gives you access to a lifestyle that few other investment can. 

In its simplest form, you invest in a Tourism Project via a bond that gives you secured returns, annual vacations, and potential investor benefits.

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  • Secured annual returns

  • Annual vacations that can be transferred or gifted

  • Ability to apply for Investor Residency in Costa Rica


  • Annual vacations in resorts

  • Investor resort discounts

  • Additional Perks and Benefits offered but vary with each bond


  • Strong focus on sustainable environmental development

  • Commitment to help local communities

  • Corporate Governance oversight

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Amber Hopwood

Experience Manager

Originally from Kent, UK, Amber lives in Costa Rica with her family full time.  Amber brings twenty years of experience in the software industry and is a huge supporter of sustainability & customer experience.


Richard Bexon

Managing Director

Richard has lived in Costa Rica since 2004. He's the co-owner of Central America's largest luxury travel agency and has vast experience in creating, managing, and running successful investment vehicles.

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David Stubbs

Financial Director

David has been in Costa Rica since 2008 and is a Hewlett Packard veteran with over 30 years of management and executive experience. David is responsible for overseeing the financial structures of each bond.

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