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How it Works

How it Works

Our tourism bonds offer a balance between a sustainable lifestyle and steady returns in some of Costa Rica’s finest luxury resorts and developing enterprises.

Choosing to diversify your portfolio by investing in tourism bonds, means that you have exclusive access as a select investor in a high-profile, reputable organization that has been carefully selected by our team of experts. Each debt offering only has a limited number of bonds available, and there will be a minimum investment required.

Investment capital will be utilized to fuel sustainable expansion that is in harmony with its local environment, creating increased cashflows and overall growth. In addition to a solid return on investment, our investors will enjoy their rights to regular luxury vacations, the ability to apply for residency, and other benefits that vary depending on the bond. 

Costa Rica Tourism Bonds connects investors with capital markets that are typically challenging to access.

Manuel Antonio Tourism Bond

To demonstrate the concept of a tourism bond, consider the following example, based on a successful resort located in Manuel Antonio.

A proven track record for operating a profitable, sustainable resort makes this particular property an ideal candidate for sustainable development. The primary goal is to develop additional luxury accommodations on their existing property. 

Investment capital will be used to develop new villas, enhance existing amenities, and restructure debt to maximize cash flows. Investors will benefit from steady financial returns, and will also have access to a two-week stay in one of the resort's luxury suites, the ability to apply for Costa Rican residency, access to complimentary massages, and exclusive owner discounts.

concept sketch_edited.jpg
master plan.png
single village concept 3d.PNG

This is a perfect example of how CRTB can connect investors seeking returns with sustainable tourism projects seeking capital.

Select Bonds

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Steps to Become a Tourism Bond Owner



Fill in our webform to request additional information about our tourism bonds.




Once we've received a signed NDA, we will share detailed documentation about the tourism bond(s) you are interested in .





Upon completion of the subscription agreement, you will officially become a tourism bond owner. 





While benefits vary depending on the tourism bond, you can enjoy the vacation benefits immediately.

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A Unique Moment in Travel

While 2020 was a challenging year for luxury travel, 2021 shows strong signs of recovery, and 2022 is trending toward a return to normality. In Costa Rica specifically, the recovery has been strong for luxury Vacation properties.

There is a unique opportunity in the post-Covid recovery period to take advantage of:

  1. Increased demand for Costa Rica travel,

  2. The unique location of premium tourism assets

Providing an opportunity for lifestyle and financial returns for investors.  

Our goal is to help investors while developing sustainable tourism


Strong Growth Indicators 

Economists point to $2.3 TRILLION in excess household savings accumulated during the pandemic period, which is about to be used by a resurgent and confident consumer. That cash is about to be released, and TRAVEL is the #1 expected spend on people’s minds according to most surveys. Now a pandemic record-breaking 80% of Americans say they are in a travel ready state-of-mind.’

John Golicz, CEO, Travel & Adventure Show

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