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Hotel Banana Azul, Puerto Viejo

Hotel Banana Azul, Puerto Viejo

Each of the unique suites at Hotel Banana Azul is built sustainably and responsibly. The resort offers a variety of options from luxury beachfront villas to fully equipped tree-house apartments. With access to lush jungles, delicious local food, and unspoiled beaches, Hotel Banana Azul offers its guests an authentic Caribbean vacation.

Hotel Banana Azul is moving forward with expansion plans to develop an additional twelve luxury rooms, providing investors with the opportunity to purchase our Puerto Viejo Tourism Bonds. Investors will enjoy steady financial returns while having access to lifestyle benefits such as resort stays and owner perks.

Resort Expansion Plans

The success of Hotel Banana Azul's existing luxury villas has highlighted the potential for expansion. Capital raised from investment bonds will be used to develop twelve new luxury villas.

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Viejo About

About the Area

Puerto Viejo is officially called Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, as that is the area in which it is located. It is a small coastal town with very strong Caribbean influences as many of its inhabitants are Jamaican or from Jamaican descent. This Caribbean influence is part of what makes Puerto Viejo such an attractive place to visit. The vibe is very laid-back and the inhabitants are very friendly and welcoming.

Environment, Sustainability Governance (ESG)

Existing in Harmony with Nature & Community

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The importance of working harmoniously with both nature and the local community has been a strong focus for Banana Azul since day one.


Respecting the land by using local building materials, avoiding plastic, and minimizing the carbon footprint is just as important as respecting the local community by hiring only local workers, supporting local farmers, and giving back to the community.

In addition to its sustainability practices, Hotel Banana Azul prides itself on welcoming gay and lesbian travelers. Currently, they enjoy a gay clientele of about 20% of their visitors. The (child-free) hotel is ideal for gay couples and singles that are comfortable in mixed straight and gay environments. 


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