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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no onboarding fees.

What is a Tourism Bond?

A tourism bond is a secure investment in a tourism project offering both financial and lifestyle returns.  You invest into a tourism project, receive an annual return, and at the end of the term, you receive your original investment back, while having enjoyed ownership benefits, and the most invaluable of all - the intangible asset of memories with your loved ones.

There are no onboarding fees.


What is the difference between a bond and a timeshare?

With a timeshare, you pay for time in the form of nights at a property over a set period of time.  Once that period of time expires, you no longer have the right to use it and are not returned your original investment.  Whereas with a Tourism Bond, your investment gives you annual returns for your investment, yearly vacations, extra VIP benefits, plus at the end of the bond, you get your original investment back.

For example, if you invest $100K in a 10-year Tourism Bond at 5% annually, you will get $5,000 a year in interest payments, annual vacations, extra benefits, plus receive your $100K back at the end of 10 years.  We estimate the return to be over 10%, factoring in the vacations and benefits.

There are no onboarding fees.


How is my investment secured?

While this may vary from bond to bond, investments are typically secured against property and/or future cash flows.

If for some reason something untoward would happen, the assets or cash would be used to repay bondholders.  As part of the investment process, you will have access to all financial data to show the financial security of the property you are investing in.  Costa Rica Tourism Bond also does diligence to make sure that investments are secure.

There are no onboarding fees.


How does Costa Rica Tourism Bonds decide which projects to work with?

Our projects are very carefully selected based on sustainability practices, growth potential, profitability and historical data. 

There are no onboarding fees.


Who can invest in Tourism Bonds?

Investors can be located anywhere in the world.

There are no onboarding fees.


What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment varies depending on which tourism project you are investing in. Click here for a list of our tourism bonds.

There are no onboarding fees.


Where are the bonds registered?

All of our tourism bonds are registered in Costa Rica.

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