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Iguana Lodge, Osa Peninsula Bond

Iguana Lodge, Osa Peninsula Bond

Iguana Lodge is not your typical luxury resort. Situated in the centre of paradise, and with a strong passion for sustainability, the Iguana Lodge offers its guests everything from peaceful retreats to adventurous wilderness hikes, which may explain the absence of in-room televisions. With two fabulous restaurants on-site, as well as a 55-foot lap pool, this Osa Peninsula gem is preparing for expansion.


Investors will have the opportunity for financial and lifestyle returns through participation in our Osa Peninsula Tourism Bond. Plans to expand the Iguana Lodge resort include the enhancement of existing facilities, as well as the addition of new luxury villas, including beachfront accommodations and dining, communal lounges, and private pools. 

Resort Expansion Plans

Capital raised from investment bonds will be used to develop new luxury villas, and enhance existing resort amenities. 

Preliminary Conceptual Master Plan

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OSA About
OSA Area

About the Area

National Geographic describes the Osa as, “One of the most biologically intense places on Earth.”

Some thoughts from the Owners,
Lauren & Toby Cleaver

Because we believe that many of our guests have very full lives, our goal is to provide a spot where guests can relax, explore the natural wonders of the Osa, and enjoy the beauty of their lives, while helping to preserve this peninsula through sustainable ecotourism.

Lauren & Toby Cleaver


Iguana Lodge Resort

Osa Peninsula

Environment, Sustainability Governance (ESG)

For Iguana Lodge, Sustainable Tourism is What it's All About

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It's impossible to convey the entirety of Iguana Lodge's commitment to ESG. For Iguana Lodge, sustainability isn't just something that's done to obtain certifications; it's their duty and their passion. Protection of nature?  They are all over it.  Cultural integrity – They embrace it.  Recycling, biodegradable soaps, composting, etc?  They don't just have that covered, they take it for granted.  Community involvement?  They are a mainstay of their community.


  • ​Demonstrate effective sustainable management

  • Maximize social and economic benefits to the local community and minimize negative impacts

  • Maximize benefits to cultural heritage and minimize negative impacts

  • Maximize benefits to the environment and minimize negative impacts

Iguana Lodge believes that both the CST and GSTC are what tourism here is all about.  When they moved here and opened their hotel it was with the clear vision of creating a sustainable, environmentally and community friendly, business and lifestyle.


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